‘Cleaning fairy’ Sue Warren arrested after breaking into Ohio home to clean

The woman didn't steal anything, but left a note with how much money she is owed

Most people would not see a clean house as a bad thing, but it may be an issue if someone broke in and cleaned it without being asked.

An Ohio family is shocked after a woman broke into their home, did some light cleaning and left them a bill for $75.

The woman, named Sue Warren, took out the trash, vacuumed the carpet, cleaned the playroom and washed some mugs that were left out all while homeowner Sherry Bush was away and her daughter was sleeping upstairs.

"She wrote a note (on a napkin) and left it on the table, saying, '$75 I was here to clean,' and left her name and number," Bush said to WKYC.

The family initially thought Warren cleaned the wrong house by accident so they gave her a call.

Bush asked if she got the wrong house and Warren replied that she does this all the time.

"I said, what do you mean? She said, 'I just stop and clean your house," said Bush to WKYC.

Warren told Bush she "better pay up."

It's unclear how often Warren does this, but she was charged with criminal trespassing the last time she did it in another Cleveland suburb. In both cases nothing was stolen from the homes.

A friend living at Warren's home said she owns her own business and cleans houses for a living, but Bush finds that hard to believe.

"Now that we've seen the job that she did, it was like whoa, $75? $15 maybe," Bush said laughing to WKYC.

News Channel 5 is reporting that Westlake police now have a woman in custody related with the "cleaning fairy" incident, but she has yet to be charged.